Joan Vernikos Keynote ErgoExpo 2015: “Gravity Is Your Friend!”

The highlight of the ErgoExpo conference in Las Vegas last week (Nov. 17-20) for me was the keynote address by former NASA Life Science’s Director Joan Vernikos. Joan guided NASA research on biology at NASA for 15 years. Among her many accomplishments there was helping to ensure that John Glenn could return to space at […]

Sitting Disease Research Takes a Surprising Turn

A study published online by the International Journal of Epidemiology seems to upend some of the conventional wisdom on sitting disease research. The study found no link between sitting and “all-cause mortality” (the likelihood of dying of any cause). Several earlier studies found a relationship independent of other physical activity between sitting and diseases like […]

Sitting Disease Presentation at Duck Biz Lunch

I gave a lunch-time talk on sitting disease today for some fellow University of Oregon alumni at Tavern Hall in Bellevue. It was a fairly small group (about 15), so it was easy to have a good conversation and to answer a lot of questions. We talked so much about the sitting disease research that […]