Corporate Wellness Programs: Carrots, Sticks, and Productivity

A recent New York Times article on corporate wellness programs, “The Sticks and Carrots of Employee Wellness Programs,” brings up some interesting issues around cost-shifting and privacy breaches. And this discussion has got me wondering about whether companies and employees should even be in the health-care administration business. Is Your Employer Trying to Get You […]

11 Reasons to Create Your Own Personal Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs are a valuable benefit that can no doubt help you along your path to true wellness. But you can’t outsource all of your wellness needs to your employer. There many good reasons to develop your own personal wellness program. Here are 11 of them. Reason 1: Your personal wellness goals are loftier […]

Personal Wellness vs. Corporate Wellness

I use the phrase “personal wellness” a lot on this site. It’s a term that is necessary only because so many people have come to regard the term “wellness” as synonymous with the “corporate wellness” program that their employer provides. Here’s how the terms compare: Managers at many, if not most, companies get these distinctions. A […]