Office-Work Challenges

unhappy woman facing challenges of office work at her deskOver the past several decades, people have streamed out of factory and farm jobs and into offices. At first we thought this was an absolutely clear-cut benefit.

What could be better than leaving the dangerous factory floor or coming in from the dusty fields to work indoors at a desk?

Now that we’ve had a few decades to move into cities, settle into our chairs, and peer into our computer screens, we can see some flaws in that line of thought. Among the man challenges presented by office work:

  • The surprising health hazards of sitting all day and otherwise shunning physical activity
  • The low-back pain that comes with long stretches of sitting
  • The headaches, neck aches, and shoulder pain that ensue when you peer into a computer monitor all day
  • The pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive-strain injuries that accumulate after years of keyboard, mouse, tablet, and other computer-input work
  • The unrelenting to-do lists created by 24/7 work connectivity
  • The ever-upward learning curve imposed by constant innovation in office technology
  • The stress of increasingly demanding job duties
  • The anxiety created by high stress, constant change, and an unstable economy
  • The incessant firehouse of information overload
  • The distraction of ubiquitous media, from the vibrating smart phone in your pocket to the kitten videos in your Facebook feed
  • The diplomacy required to work with co-workers from diverse backgrounds
  • The challenges of dealing with annoying, harassing, and even bullying, co-workers
  • The alternating too-hot/too-cold cycle of imperfect heating and air-conditioning systems
  • The eerie flicker of office and conference-room lighting
  • The constant temptation of doughnuts, pizza, and other junk food

This stuff adds up. Any one of these issues can derail you on your wellness journey. Together they can really challenge your quest for a higher level of well-being.

Fortunately, you can address all of these challenges with time-proven and scientifically tested wellness solutions.