4 Electrically Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks Under $600

sit-stand desk under $600A free-standing, electrically height adjustable desk is arguably the best solution to your sitting problem. These kinds of desks both work well and look good.

As recently as just a couple of years ago, you had to pay at least $1,000 for a high-quality electric standing desk. Now there are many affordable standing desks available for well under that figure, including a few that are getting close to $500.

The list below included standing desks that meet the following criteria:

  • total price, including shipping (but not including taxes), delivered to your door or loading dock for under $600
  • company in business and shipping desks for at least three years (this excludes desks recently introduced via Kickstarter campaigns and desks like the ApexDesk, which looks promising and is rated well at Amazon but which is from an essentially brand-new company)

If you know of other desks that meet these criteria, please let me know.

An Electrically Height Adjustable Standing Desk Works Best in the Modern Office

An electrically height-adjustable desk that moves your whole desktop surface up and down is arguably the best set-up for the modern office. One simple motion changes the working height of your desk from sitting to standing, and back again. All of your gear – your computer, your family pictures, your knick-knacks, your reference materials – stays right where you left it.

These desks also let you easily fine-tune your posture and positioning throughout the day. You can adjust to an in-between position to perch on a chair like the Hag Capisco. You can make micro-adjustments to account for different shoes or standing mats, and even for small postural changes.

You Won’t Compromise on Aesthetics with These Desks

Other popular sit-stand solutions (desktop add-ons, e.g.) work well, but their exposed height-adjustment mechanisms and utilitarian styling don’t fit every office decor.

I don’t have anything against desktop add-ons like the Varidesk and the Kangaroo lines. They definitely have their place in the standing-desk world (in fact, I’ll be listing a bunch of them here soon, and I use a DIY version of that paradigm at my home office). But in addition to their aesthetic limitations, those desktop add-on workstations can hog your desktop and be harder to optimize ergonomically.

All of the sub-$600, free-standing sit-stand desks listed below offer a variety of desktop colors and options, as well as frame colors and finishes, that can match almost any modern office design.

Click on the desk name to learn more about each of these affordable standing desks.

 PriceHeight RangeHt Adj RateLifting CapacityDesktop SizePresets Avail?Warranty
1"/sec (approx)154 lbs63" wide x 31 1/2" deepno10 yrs
Ergo Depot
$59925 1/2"
(23 1/4-48 3/4")
1.5"/sec350 lbs48" wide × 30" deepyes7 yrs
1.5"/sec353 lbs48" wide x 24″ deepyes5 yrs motors
5 yrs electronics
Human Solution
(24 1/2-50 1/2")
1.5"/sec355 lbs48" wide × 30" deepyes7 yrs

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