The Standing Desk Guy

Joan Vernikos and Larry Swanson at ErgoExpo 2015

Sitting-disease researcher and former NASA Life Sciences Director Joan Vernikos wrote the foreword for “Scared Sitless”

“The standing desk guy.”

That’s how a lot of people know me. I’ve been researching, speaking, and writing about standing desks and other office wellness topics since 2007. That work came together in 2014 with the publication of “Scared Sitless: The Office Fitness Book.”

I first earned my reputation as a standing-desk expert educating speaking audiences and massage clients about the importance of breaking sedentary work patterns with regular standing stints. I bolstered that reputation with a talk on how to Build Your Own Standing Desk at Ignite Seattle in November 2012. And I hope to cement my reputation as “the standing desk guy” with this standing-desk buying guide.

Every day, friends and colleagues fill my email in-box and social media feeds with links to the latest standing-desk product launches and Kickstarter campaigns.

I have read every media report and research study that I can find about standing desks, sitting disease, inactivity physiology, and other office-fitness subjects.

Meeting sitting-disease research pioneer James Levine was the highlight of my trip to ErgoExpo 2014

Meeting sitting-disease research pioneer James Levine was the highlight of my trip to ErgoExpo 2014

Five years ago keeping up with the scientific literature was easy. Now, with the explosive growth in research, I miss an article now and then. But I still think it’s safe to say that I can speak as knowledgeably as anyone about standing desks and other anti-sedentary office-fitness practices.

I’ve worked in publishing and media for more than half of the past 30 years, so I instinctively want to share what I’ve discovered. Hence this publication.

Conveniently, I’m also a stereotypical guy, enamored of technology and gadgetry. Maybe not as obsessively as when I was in my 20’s surrounded by nerdy audiophiles at the stereo stores I worked at. But I can still geek out over technical specifications and product brochures, which abound in the world of standing desks.

And I walk the talk. For the past six years, I have done my office work at a standing desk at least 90% of the time. Everyone at the Impact Hub Seattle co-working space knows that they can find me at one of the GeekDesks on the second floor – and someone inevitably gives me a hard time if they catch “The Standing Desk Guy” sitting down 🙂