Topo Standing-Desk Mat Review

Topo Topo
Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat
by Ergodriven
  • Editor Rating

  • 86%
  • 86%

  • Topo Standing-Desk Mat
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  • Last modified: July 22, 2016
  • Materials & Construction
    Editor: 80%
  • Comfort
    Editor: 84%
  • Productivity
    Editor: 88%
  • Interestingness
    Editor: 85%
  • Safety
    Editor: 90%
  • Maintenance
    Editor: 100%
  • Warranty
    Editor: 60%
  • Customer Service
    Editor: 100%

Review Details

We love the Topo Mat, an innovative standing mat that encourages you to move as you work at your standing desk.

As fans of the “active office,” we appreciate this advance in dynamic standing technology. We also like the Topo’s solid 100% polyurethane foam construction, its simple design, and its dirt-resisting surface.

The Topo tops our current list of 5 Best Standing-Desk Mats.

Pick this mat if you want to enjoy the comfort and productivity benefits of a more active standing work style.

If you prefer a more conventional standing surface, then you might consider a mat like the Imprint CumulusPRO or Sky Anti-Fatigue Mat, which, like the Topo, has a surface that naturally repels dust and dirt.

Materials and Construction

The Topo is made of solid 100% polyurethane that is molded into a topographically interesting shape. The mat’s shape offers interesting surfaces that invite your feet to move as you stand. You can’t help but explore the interesting terrain beneath your feet.

The mat’s design also includes raised edges that make it easy to slide the Topo around under your desk with your feet. While the mat slides easily when you’re not standing on it, as soon as you get on it its bottom surface safely and comfortably grips the floor. We found it to be safe and stable on both a hard, smooth concrete floor and on carpeting.

At 29″ wide by 26″ deep, the Topo has a smaller footprint than the other mats we tested in June of 2016. I prefer a wider mat, so that I can do more side-to-side movement, but this bothered only me, not any of my other testers.

Materials and Construction score: 8/10 (80%)


Half of our testers rated the Topo as “very comfortable” and the other half found it “comfortable.”

The flattest parts of the mat are about 3/4″ thick and feel about like the Imprint and other mats at the firmer end of the resistance spectrum. The raised parts of the mat feel softer but offer enough resistance to keep you on a firm footing. The net effect of the shapes and surfaces is a very comfortable and inviting standing surface.

Comfort Score: 21/25 (84%)


Most of our testers found the Topo to have a “very positive” or “positive” effect on their productivity. About a quarter saw no effect one way or the other. None reported a negative impact on their ability to get their job done.

I was a little surprised by this finding. I suspected the engaging design might distract folks as they worked, but that definitely wasn’t the case.

Productivity Score: 22/25 (85%)


Standing mats are sometimes called anti-fatigue mats, and all of them are designed to encourage micro-level movements. That’s a big part of how they prevent fatigue.

“Interestingness” goes beyond this fatigue-prevention level of movement. We use the term here to measure how much a mat naturally inspires and encourages curiosity about the surface on which you’re standing, resulting in even more subtle, natural movement as you work at your standing desk.

This emphasis on small natural movements is based in our focus at Well9to5 on the “active office.” Stationary standing can be almost as damaging to your body as the “sitting disease” hazards you are standing up to fight. Being active as you stand can prevent or reverse the orthopedic damage that can result from standing perfectly still for long stretches.

The Topo standing mat encouraged much more natural movement than other mats while either improving or not affecting productivity, so it earned the highest score on our interestingness scale in the current batch of mats.

Interestingness Score: 17/20 (85%)


With it’s raised edges, the Topo looked at first like it might present a minor safety hazard, but it turned out to be just as safe as the other mats we tested. Its beveled edges and sturdy construction keep the edges from rolling up to create a tripping hazard. Its bottom surface texture somehow both lets you slide the mat easily when you’re not standing on it but then resists slipping and sliding while you’re using it. It didn’t off-gas any pungent aromas when we opened the box it was delivered in.

Safety Score: (4.5/5) 90%


The Topo mat surface somehow resisted the dust and dirt that settled on many of the conventional flat mats that we tested (the Sky mat also fared well in this regard). Any smudges that did appear were easily wiped off with a damp towel.

Maintenance Score: (5/5) 100%


Update: Ergodriven has increased the warranty on The Topo to 7 years, earning it two more points than in the original review.

Warranty Score: (3/5) 60%

Customer Service

We contacted the ErgoDriven service department via email to ask about their manufacturing process and about how to best clean the Topo mat. They replied promptly and thoroughly.

Customer Service Score: (5/5) 100%

Overall Rating: 86%

We compute the overall rating by adding up the number of total points earned and dividing by the total possible points (which, to simplify the math, is always 100 for any one product category) and then rounding to the nearest whole digit. The rating is expressed as a percentage, but don’t automatically assign a corresponding letter grade based on that percent. This mat’s raw score of 86 is the highest score in this current round of reviews, so if we were grading on a curve the Topo would get an A+. We will never give even the highest-rated product in a category a 100%, mainly because we’ll always leave room in each criterion in our rating system for the possibility of superior products emerging in the future.

Product Details

Topo is the first standing-desk mat to incorporate topologically interesting terrain in its design. In addition to cushioning your feet, its uneven surface is intended to encourage even more movement than the micro-movements that are one of the main features of any standing mat.


  • patent-pending "calculated terrain" features encourage frequent movement
  • easily slides in and out from under desk with just one foot
  • made with environmentally-conscious polyurethane
  • durable skin easily wipes clean and resists punctures.


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1 years

"Up to 30 days after delivery, returns and exchanges are totally free to you. After that, your Topo is protected by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects."

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