WellDesk Standing Desk Review

WellDesk standing desk
Desktop Riser
by WellDesk
$ 169 Basic configuration
$ 189 Deluxe configuration

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  • Editor Rating

  • 67%
  • 67%

  • WellDesk
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  • Last modified: August 9, 2016
  • Shopping & Buying
    Editor: 100%
  • Shipping & Delivery
    Editor: 90%
  • Assembly
    Editor: 80%
  • Engineering
    Editor: 70%
  • Ergonomics
    Editor: 60%
  • Warranty
    Editor: 0%
  • Customer Service
    Editor: 60%

Review Details

The WellDesk is a basic desktop add-on that lets you work on your laptop computer standing up at your existing sitting-height desk. It’s one of three CNC-milled plywood desktop add-ons in our review of affordable standing desks.

The WellDesk posts a fairly low score when evaluated by the criteria we apply to all standing desks. But bear in mind that our criteria are biased against this category of standing desks (slot- and groove-adjustable desktop add-ons). If you just want a simple workstation to rest your computer and accessories on while you work standing up, then the WellDesk may work fine for you.

Here’s how the WellDesk measures up to our review criteria.

Shopping & Buying Experience (5% of total score)

The WellDesk website is informative and professionally designed. It’s easy to find answers to common questions. For the most part, it avoids marketing hyperbole and gives you a realistic sense of what to expect from its desk. Like many standing-desk marketing sites, it lumps together the generic benefits of standing and its unique product features.

The site includes a privacy policy and a page with contact information. It uses a secure connection to process orders and otherwise inspires confidence during the ordering process.

Shopping & Buying Experience score 5/5 (100%)

Shipping & Delivery Experience (10% of total score)

We ordered our WellDesk May 31, 2016 and received it very promptly on June 3, 2016, ahead of their 5- to 7-business days estimate.

Our WellDesk showed up in good shape in one simple, flat cardboard container.

The WellDesk delivers orders to the lower 48 U.S. states at no charge and to Alaska and Hawaii for a surcharge. They deliver to Canada and international destinations for charges ranging from $50 t0 $90.

Shipping & Delivery Experience score 9/10 (90%)

Ease & Elegance of Assembly (10% of total score)

The WellDesk ships partially assembled, the back and sides attached by hinges. To complete assembly, you insert into cross pieces that form the main work surface and monitor stand into slots and grooves. A vertical surface that installs last is designed to prevent your laptop or monitor from falling off the back of the top surface.

We found the WellDesk generally easy and straightforward to assemble, though we did have to wiggle the main work surface a bit to get it into its supporting grooves, using a technique we spotted in their assembly video.

Assembly Experience score 8/10 (80%)

Engineering (30% of total score)

The WellDesk is one of many CNC-milled plywood desks that have launched in the past few years. Often originating on Kickstarter or other crowd-funding platforms, these desks offer basic height adjustability at a reasonable price.

Style and Design (5% of Engineering score)

Well9to5 isn’t a style publication, so we don’t make esthetic judgments in our evaluations. Rather, this style and design score is based primarily on the range of options (size, color, shape, etc.) presented to you as you choose your standing desk.

In the case of the WellDesk you don’t get any options.

1 of 5 possible Style & Design points

Stability (40% of Engineering score)

TheWellDesk was very stable on the several different conventional desks that we tried it out on. Both front-to-back and side-to-side, it barely moves at all under normal use. Depending on the surface it rests on, the WellDesk can slide a bit as you put pressure on the work surface. A similar desk, The Upstanding Desk, provides small anti-skid pads that prevent this kind of movement. They’d be easy enough to add to the WellDesk – you can get similar pads at your local hardware store or at Amazon.

32 of 40 possible Stability points

Sturdiness (40% of Engineering score)

The WellDesk felt sturdy to us in normal use. As long as the top cross piece is firmly set in its slot, this desk feels very solid. However, if you use it with only the lower cross piece in place – which two of our testers did so that we could use see our laptop screen – there is a noticeable reduction on the strength of the structure. Granted, this isn’t how the desk is designed to be used, but since two different evaluators independently came up with the same adaptation, we suspect that many may use the desk this way. The WellDesk is designed to support up to 33 pounds.

30 of 40 possible Sturdiness points

Details (5% of Engineering score)

TheWellDesk offers no cable management, power management, or other extras. The website specs claim that it “holds cables in place,” but there are no clips, channels, or other cable-routing features.

0 of 5 possible Details points

Materials & Surfaces (5% of Engineering score)

The WellDesk is made with nice-looking Baltic birch plywood.

4 of 5 possible Materials & Surfaces points

Construction (5% of Engineering score)

The hinges that hold the three main pieces of the WellDesk frame together seem solid. The top shelf slide into slots in the side pieces, and the back monitor guard slides into a vertical groove. The main work surface fits snugly into slots on the side pieces.

3 of 5 possible Construction points

Maintenance (0% of Engineering score)

You’ll want to care for your WellDesk as you would any piece of wood furniture.

Engineering score 21/30 (70%)

Ergonomics (35% of total score)

Ergonomics is the science of balancing comfort and productivity in the workplace. Because it offers limited adjustment options, has to be cleared off to be adjusted, and has small work surfaces, the WellDesk earns a low ergonomics score.

Comfort (40% of Ergonomics score)

Comfort is perhaps the most subjective of the criteria we evaluated. Comfort at a standing desk is determined to a large extent by how adjustable its height is and how flexibly it lets you organize your work gear.

The WellDesk offers several height options, so it can accommodate a good range of user sizes. It’s work surfaces are relatively small, which may limit your ability to use a wrist rest or a larger ergonomic keyboard.

The main work surface extends a few extra inches on one side to provide a surface for your mouse. If you are left-handed you can flip this surface over to move the extension to the left side.

The WellDesk is the least deep, and hence most vertical, of the three plywood desks we evaluated. This is a plus if you’re working in a tight space, but it can prevent you from placing your screen far enough away from your eyes to be comfortable.

The edges and corners of the surfaces are sanded and a little rounded off but may still create pressure points depending on how you rest your arms on your desk.

26 of 40 possible Comfort points

Productivity (45% of Ergonomics score)

To be productive at a standing desk, you need room for your computer, paper, and other materials that you need to do your job. If you work strictly on a laptop, then the WellDesk may offer enough room for you. But there is very little room to spread out papers or other materials on the small work surface.

In the active office, we also judge a desk by how easy it is to change back and forth from sitting to standing positions. Since you have to remove everything from the WellDesk to adjust its height, it scores low here.

22 of 45 possible Productivity points

Portability (5% of Ergonomics score)

Modern offices flexible and many folks want or need to change locations throughout the work day. The WellDesk is light enough to be fairly easily carried from desk to desk. If you need to navigate hallways or go to another office, the WellDesk can be disassembled and reassembled in just a couple of minutes. You’ll have to carry both it and your laptop, keyboard, and other work materials with you to the next location.

3 of 5 possible Portability points

Noise (5% of Ergonomics score)

This criterion is normally concerned with how well the noise of electrical motors and other moving components in height adjustable desks is managed. The WellDesk’s lack of moving parts makes it a perfectly quiet desk.

5 of 5 possible Noise points

Safety (5% of Ergonomics score)

The WellDesk poses few, if any, safety hazards.

4 of 5 possible Safety points

Ergonomics score 21/35 (60%)

Warranty (5% of total score)

A good way to gauge a manufacturer’s confidence in the durability of their products is by the length of the warranty they offer.

The WellDesk offers a 30-day return policy but no warranty.

We award warranty points for standing desks based on this scale:

  • less than 1 year = 0 points
  • 1-2 yrs = 1 points
  • 3-4 yrs = 2 points
  • 5-7 yrs = 3 points
  • 8-10 yrs = 4 points
  • 10+ yrs = 4.5-5 points

Warranty score 0/5 (0%)

Customer Service (5% of total score)

We didn’t have any need to contact WellDesk, so they get the mid-range starting points.

Customer Service score 3/5 (60%)

Overall Rating: 67%

We compute the overall rating by adding up the number of total points earned and dividing by the total possible points (which, to simplify the math, is always 100 for any one product category) and then rounding to the nearest whole digit. The rating is expressed as a percentage, but don’t automatically assign a corresponding letter grade based on that percent. The WellDesk’s raw score of 67 is pretty low, but bear in mind that we are comparing it to highly engineered desks that cost 5 times as much. If you don’t change your desk height very often and just want to get standing, the WellDesk may work fine for you. We will never give even the highest-rated product in a category a 100%, mainly because we’ll always leave room in each criterion in our rating system for the possibility of superior products emerging in the future.

Price Details

Basic Deluxe
Model/Price WellDesk $169 WellDesk Double Monitor  $189
Main Work Surface 29 3/4″ wide x 11 1/2″ deep  (dimensions to come)
Footprint 24″ wide x 20″ deep  32″ wide x 23″ deep
Laptop/Monitor Shelf 23″ wide x 9 1/2″ deep  n/a
Keyboard Tray 29 3/4″ wide x 11 1/2″ deep  yes (dimensions to come)
Shipping ground $0  ground  $0
TOTAL Basic $169  $189


  • made from sustainable Baltic Birch plywood
  • 18 different height combinations
  • assembles in 60 seconds
  • stained and polished wood surfaces
  • rear safety bar prevents monitor from falling
  • available in wider double-monitor version



Desk height adjustment:


Shipping & Delivery

Default assumption is shipping from/to the continental U.S. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii or to Canada and other countries will cost more.

Shipping Options

  • Ground to continental U.S.
  • Alaska and Hawaii
  • International


Assembly & Set-Up



Warranty notes:
No warranty information available.

Return Policy

"you can return your order for a 100% refund for up to 30 days from the purchase date no questions asked"


WellDesk User Reviews

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Updates and Corrections

All basic product information (features, pricing, specifications, etc.) on this page is from the desk information page on the manufacturer’s website or in its product documentation, or from correspondence with the manufacturer or an authorized representative. We do our best to keep the information on this page up to date. If you see any errors or omissions, please let us know and we’ll correct the information as soon as possible.

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