StandUp Desk Crank Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Standup Desk (48
Standup Desk (48″ crank-adjustable model)
Manually Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk
by Stand Up Desk Store
$ 343 Basic configuration
$ 343 Deluxe configuration

See below for pricing details.

  • Editor Rating

  • 88%
  • 88%

  • The StandUp Desk
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  • Last modified: August 12, 2016
  • Shopping & Buying
    Editor: 100%
  • Shipping & Delivery
    Editor: 90%
  • Assembly
    Editor: 90%
  • Engineering
    Editor: 85%
  • Ergonomics
    Editor: 86%
  • Warranty
    Editor: 100%
  • Customer Service
    Editor: 80%

Review Details

The StandUp Desk is a free-standing, manually height-adjustable standing desk.

The StandUp Desk is our top choice among the affordable (under $400) standing desks we are currently evaluating. We like this desk a lot. It’s sturdy, stable, attractive, and ergonomically sound. For less money than good desktop add-ons like the Varidesk, you can get this “real” standing desk.

The StandUp Desk earns a good score when evaluated by the criteria we apply to all standing desks. Our criteria are biased a bit in favor of this category of standing desks (height-adjustable, free-standing desks) because these desks are generally better looking and more ergonomically correct than desk-top add-ons and other standing options.

Here’s how the StandUp Desk measures up to our review criteria.

Shopping & Buying Experience (5% of total score)

The StandUp Desk website is informative and professionally designed. It’s easy to find answers to common questions. For the most part, it avoids marketing hyperbole and gives you a realistic sense of what to expect from its desk. Like many standing-desk marketing sites, it lumps together the generic benefits of standing and its unique product features.

The site includes a privacy policy and a page with contact information. It uses a secure connection to process orders and otherwise inspires confidence during the ordering process.

Shopping & Buying Experience score 5/5 (100%)

Shipping & Delivery Experience (10% of total score)

We ordered our StandUp Desk May 31, 2016 and received it just a little over a week later on June 8, 2016.

Our StandUp Desk showed up in good shape in three cardboard boxes, all of them tidily packed and arriving in good shape.

StandUp Desk ships to U.S. destinations primarily by UPS and uses a freight carrier for large orders. All shipments originate from their facility in Birmingham, Alabama. They don’t have any information on their website about shipping to Canada or other international destinations.

The desktop carton was damaged in shipment – it looked like it had been poked with a forklift tine or similar. The StandUp Desk Store immediately shipped a replacement top, which we received in just a few days.

Shipping & Delivery Experience score 9/10 (90%)

Ease & Elegance of Assembly (10% of total score)

The StandUp Desk took about an hour to assemble.

The manufacturer provides exactly one extra of each of the bolts needed to assemble the desk, a touch that I really appreciated. I always feel a little nervous when I get an IKEA or other assembly kit with exactly the number of assembly parts needed; what if one rolls under the couch?

Almost half of the assembly time involved installing and tightening the 16 bolts that connect the main cross piece and crank adjustment housing to the legs. The tediousness of this process was worth it, though, as it resulted in a super-sturdy frame.

The instructions that came in the box were adequate to get the desk painlessly assembled, but if you want more details, there are more comprehensive instructions available online.

Assembly Experience score 9/10 (90%)

Engineering (30% of total score)

The StandUp Desk is a well-designed and well-made piece of furniture.

Style and Design (5% of Engineering score)

Well9to5 isn’t a style publication, so we don’t make esthetic judgments in our evaluations. Rather, this style and design score is based primarily on the range of options (size, color, shape, etc.) presented to you as you choose your standing desk.

In the case of The StandUp Desk you get choose from three frame colors and four top colors and styles. They also offer a split-desktop version as well as 60″-wide flat and split-desktop models.

4 of 5 possible Style & Design points

Stability (40% of Engineering score)

The StandUp Desk rolls around on four casters, making it ideal for situations in which you might need to move your desk. The two front casters lock to prevent the desk from moving around once you have it in place.

We were a little concerned about how having a mobile base would affect The StandUp Desk’s stability. It actually holds up quite well in this regard. We found it to be stable on both the concrete and carpeted floor surfaces that we tried it out on. It’s pretty solid on both the front-to-back axis and side-to-side directions. It wobbles just a little bit more than the IKEA Skarsta that we were testing at the same time. The manufacturer notes that you can remove the casters to provide even more stability (but you’ll lose three inches of height).

All of our Hub testers rated it “solid as a rock” on their evaluation forms.

35 of 40 possible Stability points

Sturdiness (40% of Engineering score)

The StandUp Desk felt very sturdy to us in normal use. All of the connections between the top and the different frame parts bolted together very securely. The casters slide into the feet very securely. The height-adjustment crank feels solid and secure as you operate it. The desk can hold up to 154 pounds.

37 of 40 possible Sturdiness points

Details (5% of Engineering score)

The StandUp Desk offers no cable management, power management, or other extras.

1 of 5 possible Details points

Materials & Surfaces (5% of Engineering score)

The StandUp Desk desktop is made of medium-density fiberboard MDF with a laminate finish. The frame is steel with a powder coat finish.

3 of 5 possible Materials & Surfaces points

Construction (5% of Engineering score)

The StandUp Desk is very well constructed. It moves very smoothly up and down. It travels smoothly across the floor when the caster brakes are released and stays put when the brakes are set.

4 of 5 possible Construction points

Maintenance (0% of Engineering score)

The StandUp Desk doesn’t specify any special cleaning procedures –  a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth should do.

Engineering score 25.5/30 (85%)

Ergonomics (35% of total score)

Ergonomics is the science of balancing comfort and productivity in the workplace. The StandUp Desk gets points for letting you adjust the height without removing your gear and for providing a solid, comfortable work surface. Because it takes a bit of effort to adjust its height with the hand crank, it doesn’t score quite as high as a similarly equipped electrically height-adjustable desk.

Comfort (40% of Ergonomics score)

Comfort is perhaps the most subjective of the criteria we evaluated. Comfort at a standing desk is determined to a large extent by how adjustable its height is and how flexibly it lets you organize your work gear.

The StandUp Desk adjusts from as low as 29 1/2″ (about the same height as a typical sitting-height desk) up to 45 1/4″. This is a little short for anyone over about 6″2, so if you’re on the tall side this desk may not suit you.

The 48″-wide model that we tested has plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, wrist rest, and mouse, as well as papers and knick knacks. There’s also a 60″-wide model available if you’d like a little more desk room.

The edges and corners of the desktop surfaces are smooth and a bit rounded, making it easy on our forearms and wrists as they rest on the surface.

Both I and the Hub evaluators found The StandUp Desk to be “very comfortable” to use over multi-hour stretches.

35 of 40 possible Comfort points

Productivity (45% of Ergonomics score)

To be productive at a standing desk, you need room for your computer, paper, and other materials that you need to do your job. The StandUp Desk Pro’s 48″ x 29 1/2″ top was plenty big enough for us.

In the active office, we also judge a desk by how easy it is to change back and forth from sitting to standing positions.

You adjust the height of the StandUp Desk with a manual crank. It takes about 90 rotations to adjust the height from its lowest position to its highest, or vice versa. The hand crank moves smoothly and feels solid as you use it. The desk accommodates both left- and right-handers; you can move the hand crank to either side of the desk by simply pulling it out and repositioning it. The sleeve at the end of the handle moves freely as you adjust the height, making for a comfortable grip.

39 of 45 possible Productivity points

Portability (5% of Ergonomics score)

Modern offices flexible and many folks want or need to change locations throughout the work day. The StandUp Desk rolls around easily on its casters, so it scores well here.

4 of 5 possible Portability points

Noise (5% of Ergonomics score)

This criterion is normally concerned with how well the noise of electrical motors and other moving components in height adjustable desks is managed. The StandUp Desk’s mechanical moving parts make very little sound as you adjust the height.

4 of 5 possible Noise points

Safety (5% of Ergonomics score)

The StandUp Desk poses few, if any, safety hazards. We didn’t have any problems as we evaluated the StandUp Desk.

4 of 5 possible Safety points

Ergonomics score 30.1/35 (86%)

Warranty (5% of total score)

A good way to gauge a manufacturer’s confidence in the durability of their products is by the length of the warranty they offer.

The StandUp Desk comes with a limited lifetime warranty: “Meaning we will provide a no charge replacement for parts defective or damaged as long as the desk is still being supplied to us and we can find your original order in our system.”

We award warranty points for standing desks based on this scale:

  • less than 1 year = 0 points
  • 1-2 yrs = 1 points
  • 3-4 yrs = 2 points
  • 5-7 yrs = 3 points
  • 8-10 yrs = 4 points
  • 10+ yrs = 4.5-5 points

Warranty score 5/5 (100%)

Customer Service (5% of total score)

We contacted the StandUp Desk Store to notify them of the damage that the top incurred during shipment. They replied immediately and send us a new top within a couple of days. They were have some trouble with their email system as we corresponded, so we received several “Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed” messages, but other than this minor distraction our interactions with them were very positive.

Customer Service score 4/5 (80%)

Overall Rating: 88%

We compute the overall rating by adding up the number of total points earned and dividing by the total possible points (which, to simplify the math, is always 100 for any one product category) and then rounding to the nearest whole digit. The rating is expressed as a percentage, but don’t automatically assign a corresponding letter grade based on that percent. The StandUp Desk’s raw score of 88 is very good, making it competitive with desks that cost twice as much. If you are on a budget and don’t mind using a hand crank to change your desk height, the StandUp Desk may work great for you. We will never give even the highest-rated product in a category a 100%, mainly because we’ll always leave room in each criterion in our rating system for the possibility of superior products emerging in the future.

Price Details

Basic [no upgrades available]
Base Price $299
Desktop 47 1/4 x 29 1/2″ $0
Legs C-legs $0
Controller hand-crank $0
Cable Management 4 self-stick clips $0
Power Management none $0
Shipping standard ground $44.49
TOTAL Basic $343.49

As of June 20, 2016, the Standup Desk is available both at the StandUp Desk Store and Amazon for $299, both with similar shipping costs – affiliate links currently go to Amazon.


  • adjusts from sitting to standing with a smooth crank adjustment from 29.5" – 45.25"
  • easily move from room to room with the 3" furniture casters and lock the desk into place with two brakes
ANSI/BIFMA Compliant



Lowest desk height:
29.5 inches

Tallest desk height:
45.25 inches

Desk height range:

Desk height measured from:

Height-Adjustment Notes:
manual height adjustment using hand crank

Lifting Capacity:
154 lbs pounds


Shipping & Delivery

Default assumption is shipping from/to the continental U.S. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii or to Canada and other countries will cost more.

Shipping Options

  • Ground to continental U.S.
  • Express to continental U.S.
  • Alaska and Hawaii
  • International
available at both the Standup Desk Store and Amazon for $299; each offers slightly different shipping options


Assembly & Set-Up

Estimated assembly time less than one hour

Assembly Manual



Warranty notes:
"The desks have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Meaning we will provide a no charge replacement for parts defective or damaged as long as the desk is still being supplied to us and we can find your original order in our system."

Return Policy


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