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The Best Affordable Standing Desks (Under $400)

The first thing people typically ask me about any standing desk is its price. They’ve all heard about the fancy $3,000 “smart” standing desk and the $22 IKEA hack, but good information about the vast majority of standing desks that fall between those extremes can be hard to come by. Most folks seem interested in […]

Topo standing-desk mat

The Best Standing-Desk Mats

A standing mat, sometimes called an “anti-fatigue” mat, is the first accessory you should get for your standing desk. This essential accessory lets you stand comfortably much longer than you’d be able to on a bare floor or on office carpeting. Throughout the months of May and June 2016, we evaluated five of the best-regarded […]

The Definitive Guide to Actual Famous Standing Desk Users

Did Da Vinci Really Use a Standing Desk? Probably Not. But Plenty of Other Famous People Did and Do. You know that thing where a plausible-sounding but demonstrably false idea takes on a life of its own and becomes conventional wisdom? It would appear that this phenomenon is afflicting the lore around famous standing-desk users. […]

standing desk under $600

4 Electrically Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks Under $600

A free-standing, electrically height adjustable desk is arguably the best solution to your sitting problem. These kinds of desks both work well and look good. As recently as just a couple of years ago, you had to pay at least $1,000 for a high-quality electric standing desk. Now there are many affordable standing desks available for […]

houseplant for office

Ideas to Improve Your Office Space

In “Five Ways to Improve your Work Space this Year,” the website Longevity shares some good ideas on how you can make your office space more conducive to wellness and fitness this year. Houseplants clean the air, reduce noise, and make you calmer and more productive. Personalizing your space reminds you of why you work, […]

ErgoExpo 2015 Conference Wrap-Up

ErgoExpo was hopping this year. Here’s my report. Conference Organizers I had a press pass to cover ErgoExpo, so I was able to use the conference speakers’ lounge as my base of operations. At lunch in the lounge on the first day of the conference, I butted into an interesting conversation in the serving line […]

Joan Vernikos Keynote ErgoExpo 2015: “Gravity Is Your Friend!”

The highlight of the ErgoExpo conference in Las Vegas last week (Nov. 17-20) for me was the keynote address by former NASA Life Science’s Director Joan Vernikos. Joan guided NASA research on biology at NASA for 15 years. Among her many accomplishments there was helping to ensure that John Glenn could return to space at […]

Podcast Episode 4: Interview with Frank Forencich, the Exuberant Animal

Frank Forencich is best known as the “Exuberant Animal.” Long before the paleo lifestyle became a household meme, he was espousing natural movement and helping people rediscover and embrace their own exuberant animal. Frank earned his bachelor’s degree in human biology and neuroscience from Stanford University in 1979 and now has more than thirty years […]

Podcast Episode 3: This Week in Office Wellness, Week of Nov. 9, 2015

This week’s office wellness round-up includes: notes on my my interview with the Exuberant Animal, Frank Forencich book I mention in podcast a bit about how that long list of free-standing adjustable-height desks came together a quick preview of my trip to Las Vegas for the ErgoExpo conference  

Corporate Wellness Programs: Carrots, Sticks, and Productivity

A recent New York Times article on corporate wellness programs, “The Sticks and Carrots of Employee Wellness Programs,” brings up some interesting issues around cost-shifting and privacy breaches. And this discussion has got me wondering about whether companies and employees should even be in the health-care administration business. Is Your Employer Trying to Get You […]

Popular Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

Listing all of the popular height-adjustable standing desks on the market five years ago took about five minutes. It took me a full day to put together this list of 62 61 popular standing desks. The list below is by no means exhaustive. It includes all of the free-standing, adjustable-height standing desks I could find […]

Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Wellness Pioneer Don Ardell

Don Ardell is a true pioneer in the field of wellness. For more than forty years, he has worked tirelessly to help us all move beyond mere illness prevention to get to optimal states of health and well-being. His ground-breaking book – High Level Wellness – was published in 1977. Since then he has published […]

Podcast Episode 1:
Welcome to the Well9to5 Podcast

Click the arrow above to listen to this new podcast that will help you thrive in your office job. Stay engaged, empowered, productive, and healthy at your desk. The news and information I share here come from that unique intersection where wellness, ergonomics, design, and technology all come together.

Sitting Disease Research Takes a Surprising Turn

A study published online by the International Journal of Epidemiology seems to upend some of the conventional wisdom on sitting disease research. The study found no link between sitting and “all-cause mortality” (the likelihood of dying of any cause). Several earlier studies found a relationship independent of other physical activity between sitting and diseases like […]

11 Reasons to Create Your Own Personal Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs are a valuable benefit that can no doubt help you along your path to true wellness. But you can’t outsource all of your wellness needs to your employer. There many good reasons to develop your own personal wellness program. Here are 11 of them. Reason 1: Your personal wellness goals are loftier […]

Personal Wellness vs. Corporate Wellness

I use the phrase “personal wellness” a lot on this site. It’s a term that is necessary only because so many people have come to regard the term “wellness” as synonymous with the “corporate wellness” program that their employer provides. Here’s how the terms compare: Managers at many, if not most, companies get these distinctions. A […]

Sitting Disease Presentation at Duck Biz Lunch

I gave a lunch-time talk on sitting disease today for some fellow University of Oregon alumni at Tavern Hall in Bellevue. It was a fairly small group (about 15), so it was easy to have a good conversation and to answer a lot of questions. We talked so much about the sitting disease research that […]

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