Mobis Seat review (preview)

Mobis Seat Mobis Seat
Active Seating
by Focal Upright
$ 399

Review Preview

We have unboxed the Mobis Seat leaning/wobbling stool and are evaluating and reviewing it now.

First impressions:

Adds intentional instability while still letting you feel safe and secure.

Sleek, attractive design.

Comfortable, contoured seat pad.


The Mobis Seat design lets you lean back and wobble as you perch between sitting and standing height.

Height range (measured at top of front edge of seat surface):

  • Low: 25 1/2″
  • High:  35″

Seat dimensions: 16″ wide x 10 1/2″ deep

The Mobis Seat is available in Black, Chili Pepper, Citrus, and Cobalt, all at the same price.

buy Mobis Seat by Focal Upright


  • ellipse-shaped base with non-slip rim provides stability for active postures
  • easy-adjust handles to lift and lower the seat
  • minimalist design
  • gently enforces good posture
  • pairs with any standing desk or height-adjustable workstation
  • compact design



Manufacturer’s Promotional & Educational Videos


Assembly & Set-Up



5 years

"Lifetime Warranty with the Following Exemptions: 5 Year Warranty: Seat Cushion, Piston"

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Page last updated: July 14, 2016

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