Popular Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

bekant-desk-sit-stand-with-screen-white__0267972_PE416744_S4Listing all of the popular height-adjustable standing desks on the market five years ago took about five minutes. It took me a full day to put together this list of 62 61 popular standing desks.

The list below is by no means exhaustive. It includes all of the free-standing, adjustable-height standing desks I could find in my bookmarks and notes. If you see an error or omission, or if you know of other adjustable-height sit-stand desks that should be on this list, please let me know.

Most of these desks height-adjust with electric motors. Some adjust with hand cranks, counterbalances, or other mechanisms – these are indicated in the “Notes” column. I don’t list here any fixed-height standing desks, nor any that adjust manually (with wing nuts, etc.). Nor do I list desktop add-on models or novel solutions like those astronaut-reclining models or innovative models like the Focal Upright. (Much more on all of those options soon).

The default sort in the table below is by price, but you can click on any column heading to re-sort the table. You can also search the table using the search box. More info on the contents of each each column is included after the table.

NOTE: Price column doesn’t (yet) include shipping. Some vendors ship free. Some charge a lot. You may also pay sales tax, depending on where you live. Be sure to add up all costs to get the true final price.

BrandModelPrice  Notes
iMovrThermoDesk Ellure$589InfoBuyhand-crank
Human SolutionUplift$599InfoBuy
RebelDeskRebel Up 2000$599InfoBuyhand-crank
Ergo DepotJarvis$599InfoBuy
iMovrThermoDesk Uptown$719InfoBuy
iMovrThermoDesk Electra$729InfoBuy
Ergo DepotAD17$745InfoBuycompact pedestal
AutonomousSmartDesk Pro$747InfoBuyhand-crank & built-in keyboard tray
ErgotronWorkFit-D$759InfoBuyCF (continuous force) height adjustment
UpDeskCrankUp$930InfoBuyhand-crank (top of desk)
BiomorphLevel$995InfoBuy2 surfaces
AutonomousSmartDesk AI$946InfoBuysmart desk
iMovrThermoDesk Elite$999InfoBuy
iMovrOmega Olympus$1,024InfoBuybuilt-in keyboard tray
AnthroElevate II$1,100InfoBuy
UpDeskFunky$1,130InfoBuydistinctive designs
UpDeskUpWrite$1,130InfoBuywrite-on desk surface
iMovrOmega Everest$1,274InfoBuybuilt-in keyboard tray
Healthy DesksTraditional$1,449InfoBuy
SteelcaseSeries 7$1,449InfoBuy
Herman MillerRenew$1,499InfoBuy
MaylineML Series$1,590InfoBuy
MaylineLT Series$1,607InfoBuycompact pedestal
AnthroElevate II Adjusta$1,800InfoBuy2 surfaces
HumanscaleFloat$1,849InfoBuycounterbalance mechanism
SafcoElectric Height$1,945InfoBuy
Healthy DesksCabinet Package$1,949InfoBuyincludes drawers
MaylineRGE Series$1,971InfoBuy
MisterBrightLightMisterBrightLight$2,000InfoBuysmart desk
New HeightsVuelta$2,300InfoBuyhand-crank
MaylineXR Series$2,302InfoBuy
New HeightsEficiente LT$2,400InfoBuy
ISECounterbalance$2,550InfoBuycounterbalance mechanism
BiomorphFlexo Level3$2,795InfoBuy2 surfaces
Stir KineticM1$2,990InfoBuysmart desk
New HeightsElegante XT$3,200InfoBuy
Stir KineticF1$4,990InfoBuysmart desk
Vintage IndustrialCrank$9,495InfoBuy
Vintage IndustrialHure (hydraulic)$9,995InfoBuy
Vintage IndustrialHure (crank)$14,695InfoBuy
Vintage IndustrialBronx$15,795InfoBuy
Vintage IndustrialIndustriaLux$15,795InfoBuy

The “Price” column may be a little imprecise, and I don’t have the bandwidth to keep it up to date (this page created and prices last update Nov. 10, 2015). I try to list the lowest price you’ll most likely pay for a typical configuration (base plus top) of the desk through a typical sales channel. When sites list bases and worksurfaces/tops separately, I add up the price of the components; apologies in advance for any math errors. When you choose your standing desk, be sure to shop around. As in any emerging market, price wars periodically erupt, supply chains tighten and loosen, technology gets cheaper, etc., so prices can fluctuate quite a bit. Apples-to-apples pricing info is particularly difficult with the desks from Herman Miller, Steelcase, and other brands that sell mainly through value-added resellers (VARs) like contract furniture companies. When I couldn’t find pricing info for those desks, I searched Google for buy BrandName Model and used a typical end-seller price.

The “Info” link next to each desk will take you to the brand or manufacturer page with more info on the desk.

The “Buy” link will take you to the best page I could find where you can order the desk. Many of these brands sell direct, so the product info page and the buying page will be at the same link. For brands that distribute only through resellers I link to either their reseller listing page or to the reseller with the lowest list price. In the future, these “buy” links may be routed through an affiliate or other advertising link to get me a small commission on any desks you may buy. I’ll be 100% transparent about this if/when I implement it. (If you’re a vendor who offers an affiliate program, please drop me a note and let me know where I can sign up. I don’t review or recommend specific desks here, but I appreciate the opportunity to earn a little money for business I send your way.)

The “Notes” column includes any interesting tidbits on the desk – height-adjustment mechanism, variations from a standard desktop work surface, etc. The term “smart desk” is imprecise at this point; I use the term now for any desk that has built-in reminder or monitoring capabilities.

I’m sure I’ve missed at least a few brands and models. Please send me links to any adjustable-height desks that you think should be on this page.

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