Podcast Episode 4: Interview with Frank Forencich, the Exuberant Animal

Frank Forencich exuberant animalFrank Forencich is best known as the “Exuberant Animal.” Long before the paleo lifestyle became a household meme, he was espousing natural movement and helping people rediscover and embrace their own exuberant animal.

Frank earned his bachelor’s degree in human biology and neuroscience from Stanford University in 1979 and now has more than thirty years of experience in health education and performance training. He’s a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine and holds black belts in both karate and aikido. In 2011, Frank was chosen by Experience Life magazine’s as one of “five visionaries leading the charge to better health, and a healthier world.”

Frank has a lot to say about the mismatches between our evolutionary heritage and the alien environments in which we now operate, the most alien of which is arguably the modern office.

We covered quite a bit in our 15-minute conversation:

  • the “mismatch” concept – “ancient bodies; modern world” – that can explain a lot of our dis-ease in the office (for more on this, check out Daniel Lieberman’s book “The Story of the Human Body“)
  • how reframing the conversation about movement at work can promote personal wellness and maybe even change office culture
  • how different kinds of movement confer different psychological and cognitive benefits
  • the psychology of posture – how “power poses” actually change for the better hormonal levels in your body and how the “anti-posture” of sitting at a desk works against you
  • a new office-wellness catch-phrase: “Ask your doctor if getting up off your ass is right for you.”
  • the one activity that you can do at any point in the day to release your inner “exuberant animal”

Frank and I had a fun and edifying conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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