Shopping for a Sit-Stand-Recline “Astronaut” Workstation

Ergoquest reclining deskA sit-stand-recline “astronaut” workstation lets you rotate through many more positions than sitting, perching, and standing. These workstations let you partially or fully recline, all the way back to the classic astronaut’s posture – flat on your back with your head supported and your legs elevated.

Work While You Recline Like an Astronaut

Reclining like this is called both the “astronaut” and the “zero-G” position. An astronaut is positioned like this at liftoff to disperse the g-forces that make their body feel three times as heavy as on the ground. Later in the flight, in the zero-g weightlessness of space, the human body naturally assumes the same position.

These reclining desks are aimed at two types of users:

  • Heavy computer users like computer programmers and CAD designers who want to stay comfortably and neutrally positioned for long work stretches.
  • People with medical conditions that make it difficult to sit or stand for prolonged periods. If you’ve ever had to work through a bout of low-back pain, you probably dreamed of a set-up like this.

There is little doubt that these workstations will keep you comfortable as you work, but your ability to remain productive, the other half of the ergonomic equation, isn’t as clear.

Sit-Stand-Recline Workstation Choices

In addition to reclining desks designed for the office, there are models made for hardcore computer game players and for folks who need to use their computer in a medical setting.

Sit-Stand-Recline Workstations Designed for the Office

Your best bet in this category will likely be one of these lines designed specifically for office work.

Altwork sit-stand-recline workstation

Altwork sit-stand-recline-collaborate workstation


  • The Altwork is set to launch in 2016. Billed as a “sit-stand-collaborate-focus” workstation, it looks a bit like a dentist chair with a monitor arm and keyboard surface attached. The Altwork uses magnets to keep the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals in place when you recline. In addition to the sit, stand, and recline options, it offers a “collaborate” position in which a colleague can sit or stand next to you.
  • The Zero Gravity line of sit-stand-recline workstations from Ergoquest includes 15 models that can accommodate almost any kind of work situation. Most options in this line are designed for sitting and reclining, but the ZGW-2 and ZGW-11 models let you stand as well.

Reclining Workstations with No Standing Option

iClubby reclining workstation

Gravitonus iClubby reclining workstation

Not all of these workstations offer a standing option, so may just get the sit and recline options. Some of these workstations are pitched to computer-game enthusiasts, so they often come with integrated sound systems and other features geared for gamers.

  • The Accendo Reclining Standing Desk is only available for pre-order at this time.
  • The Gravitonus iClubby is made in Russia and is aimed at both gamers and office workers who spend long stretches at their computer.
  • The MWE Emperor is highly configurable and has a smaller footprint than similar workstations

Sit-Stand-Recline Workstations Designed for Medical Rehabilitation